ACETEL’s research activities are underpinned by a critical assessment of the region’s digital capacity, development and policy needs in the education space as well as public and private sectors.  The following are the Centre’s areas of research focus:

Digital policies –Research will focus on policy issues such as: public-private  participation; privacy; cybersecurity; internet governance and protection. The research will also explore development of a comprehensive policy framework for impacting and improving the digital landscape of emerging countries

Digital tools and solutions for education with application to all sectors –Research will focus on developing tools and mobile based solutions to enhance teaching and learning of STEM courses in particular and others in general. It will include the development of digital simulation, smart interactive learning tools, and application of virtual reality to learning.

Cyber security - Protection and securing of digital devices and critical infrastructure employed in the digital learning space. The research will seek to develop a coordinated cyber awareness strategy and capacity; protocols for measuring the vulnerability of digital devices; enhancing resilience to attacks; frameworks for protection from, and response to cyber incidences within the digital learning space